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Members Handbook - Solutions for Humanity Inc

Solutions for Humanity Members Handbook
Solutions for Humanity Inc - Member Handbook

Open-Source Public-Good Principles

As a #techforgood project, we have agreed to the Digital Development Principles and Open-Source Licensing, at all times when it is in the public interest and for the public good. In effect, this means by default all of our code and scripts are open-source by default​
, with a review of any private-repo scripts every 6 months to enable them to become open-source where public benefit outweighs risk.
🎯 risk work-group will be publish more info on website. - Developer Documentation

Developer documentation for the WebApp & API is at ​ - Data-Science Documentation

Documentation for our Data-science scripts and functions is at
At this stage, ALL of our DS Scripts and Platform code is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL *
-> DM your functional lead in slack if you need access. πŸ’¬ - Marcomms + Growth Docs

Docs and SOPs for the growth and marcomms team is at

Got #techforgood Super-Powers?

If you are not yet part of our team of super-heroes changing the world with their tech super-powers, find out more about us at these locations:
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Members Handbook - Solutions for Humanity Inc
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